Barbie Look-A-Like Realizes She Looks Silly, Makes Dramatic Change; Here’s What She Looks Like Now (Photos)

A British woman named Jade underwent surgery to look like a Barbie doll and boost her confidence is now happily embracing a more natural appearance.

At one point this barbie look-a-like admitted that she was too insecure to even go outside without her Barbie look, which involved revealing outfits, heavy makeup, a fake tan, dyed blond hair and her G-sized implants the Daily Mail reports.
Then she appeared on a British television make-over show and received a rating of 1 and 2 out of 10 for her looks. At first she thought she would definitely would get a high number but was was shocked to realize her natural look may have been more attractive.

She craved looking like herself again. So the makeup team, known as 100% Hotter, gave her a make-under.

They started by removing the fake tan and replacing her revealing outfits with off-the shoulder dresses.

When Jade saw her more subtle, natural look, she was in awe.
“I look really different, I am shocked,” she said. “’I feel like an idiot looking at the old picture of me, what was I doing?”

Her mom, Kelly, couldn’t be happier seeing her daughter look more like her old self again.
“I hope this shows her how beautiful she can look she doesn’t need all that rubbish fake tan and fake hair,” she said.
Sources: Daily Mail